Welcome to helping others!  Cape Cod MOVES will focus on charitable giving.  Our rule of thumb is to give to other 501c3s.  The person(people) organizing the event can direct the donation with board approval.

Meet Judy Watkins, volunteer coordinator.

Judy WatkinsAstonishing that I am writing this bio 40 years to the day that the blizzard of “78” drove me out of MA to live in Florida with thoughts of never returning.  I was living in Winthrop during those horrendous days and like most survivors, have a blizzard story for all those dreadful memories.

I have been running for over 40 years and in 2002 when I ran my first of three Cape Cod Marathon’s, I fell in love with Falmouth. I knew then that I would someday return to MA and live in Falmouth. It took another 10 years for my dream to become a reality. Funny how life does come full circle and that I was so committed to coming back where I belong.

I am excited about Cape Cod Move’s mission and look forward to meeting all of you and participating in fun activities while supporting our local communities.

Judy Watkins

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Judy.

9/11 Remembrance

MOVES members were out in force in many towns bringing food and good cheer to first responders.  Kris Tholke; Maddy Marken; Nancy Spiro; Sue Gallagher; Tammy Rausch and Mary Tolland covered all of Falmouth.  Jen Berry was at the Barnstable Dispatch, Barnstable Sherriff and to the 911 Dispatch Center.  Deb Bonvan, Kelli Dottridge, and Dave Swift covered Osterville, Cotuit, Centerville and Barnstable.  I covered the Yarmouth police and fire and went to the State Police in Yarmouth. Here is one story from Jen Berry:

“Today my daughters and I brought some bread and cookies to the 911 Dispatch Center on Joint Base CC. I chose this location because I know a lot of people don’t even know they are there and what they do.

When you call 911 on the Cape it most likely is answered by one of the 8-9 people working in this room. Some calls are send on to Police Departments or Fire Departments that handle their own dispatch but they cover most Fire Departments, K9 dispatch, Med Flight notifications and send crime investigators if photos, fingerprints or evidence needs to be collected.

I needed an escort and a security check to even get to them so I’m pretty sure cookies aren’t dropped off too often.

9/11 was a very difficult day for the call takers. We speak to people and sometimes never know the outcome of their safety.

I was glad to be able to meet them and thank them for all of us.”

Cape Cod MOVES is happy to thank Jenn and her amazing daughters!

Can You Help?

We have a booth at the New Balance Falmouth Road Race Expo on August 16, 17, and 18. We need help developing our booth and will need volunteers. Can you help?

LiteracyCape Cod MOVES Dives into Summer Reading!

We need your help!  The first boxes of donated books are being sent to Cape Cod for the Cape Cod MOVES literacy drive! This is a project for donating books to those 18 and under in shelters and through programs like food pantries! New books to keep the power of education moving forward.

Mary, Jess, and Allyson are working hard to put quality literature into the hands of young readers this summer and we need your help! Want to help? We need new books donated and other support.