Part 1 of 2 On Language and How We Think These are important days. People are people and they are trying to be identified as such. In my business whole diagnostic categories have changed to try to use language that helps empower rather than demean. For instance, we use aContinue Reading

I had the privilege to run the Napa Marathon this weekend.     It reminded me of all the good things about running and wellness and why I love these things so much. I rode on the bus with a young woman who was running her first marathon.  I started talking toContinue Reading

This video combines my favorite motivational song (Rise Up by Andra Day) with an Olympic Motivation. Go ahead. Watch this. Then get moving. There is no way this will not get you going! And, Want More? Here is one….. American Dan Jansen was inspired to take up speed-skating by hisContinue Reading

I love the Olympics and so many of the great Olympic stories.  Here is one for you from the history books… Jesse Owens was born as the seventh child in a family of eleven in a small part of Alabama. Though born there he did most of his growing upContinue Reading

Why?     Why Not? Why should I run that race?  Why should I push myself? Isn’t it enough to go out for a run. Why should I give my seat up on the subway? Isn’t that other person going to get up and offer their seat? Why should I volunteer myContinue Reading

By Steve Derderian Cape Cod Times Posted Jan 29, 2018 at 10:23 PM         FALMOUTH – Bob and Maggi Yates are in their 70s, but they have run a mile together every day this month. Sometimes it’s completing a small neighborhood loop, trotting down the Shining Sea Bikeway or shuffling along the scenic,Continue Reading

By Christine Goff, Vegan Athlete Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have as much energy as a child? What about less inflammation? Would you like to “Sleep like a baby?” How about recovering from a long run quicker then ever before? All of these positive changesContinue Reading

Cape Cod MOVES hosted their Kick Off Event on Thursday, November 2, 2017. This was hosted by the ever-giving Waquoit Congregational Church. This amazing parish is led by Pastor Nell Fields. She is a spiritual leader who understands the roll of exercise and wellness in the balanced person. First ourContinue Reading