An observer watching someone lift a chair… “Wow!  That looks heavy!  You should be careful about how you lift!  You could hurt yourself!  I am sore just watching you!  Doesn’t that hurt your back and arms?  You should get someone to help you…” Person lifting: “Maybe you are right…” WorriesContinue Reading

Motivation 1: When you woke up this morning did you realize that today held an opportunity for you?  Right now, the Cape has slowed down a step.  The days are still long.  The nights are cool and perfect.  I hear it.  I hope you do too,… It is calling forContinue Reading

In the most difficult times, I have held on to love.  I have worked hard to love my haters.  I try to visualize love in the world.  It starts my day and is a positive way to think about the world. We ask ourselves “is that a nice person?” orContinue Reading

Getting the best of worry and anxiety… We are living during higher stress times.  I know many people who have situational worry, or anxiety, folks with generalized worry and folks who worry about worrying.  One of the other hats I have worn has involved in developing some ideas around managingContinue Reading

What are your plans for the remainder of 2018? What are you considering that might be “relatively easy” for you to accomplish? What are you planning that might be a “reasonable challenge”? What are you planning that would be a “really tough push for you for this year”? When youContinue Reading

Part 1 of 2 On Language and How We Think These are important days. People are people and they are trying to be identified as such. In my business whole diagnostic categories have changed to try to use language that helps empower rather than demean. For instance, we use aContinue Reading

I had the privilege to run the Napa Marathon this weekend.     It reminded me of all the good things about running and wellness and why I love these things so much. I rode on the bus with a young woman who was running her first marathon.  I started talking toContinue Reading

This video combines my favorite motivational song (Rise Up by Andra Day) with an Olympic Motivation. Go ahead. Watch this. Then get moving. There is no way this will not get you going! And, Want More? Here is one….. American Dan Jansen was inspired to take up speed-skating by hisContinue Reading