An observer watching someone lift a chair…

“Wow!  That looks heavy!  You should be careful about how you lift!  You could hurt yourself!  I am sore just watching you!  Doesn’t that hurt your back and arms?  You should get someone to help you…”

Person lifting: “Maybe you are right…” Worries to self…

Same Situation.  Different observer:

“Wow!  You are strong!  That is great that you are able to lift that by yourself!  I can see you are lifting it correctly so you do not get hurt!  I should do more lifting.  That is a great way to get strong just by doing something around the house!”

Person lifting: “Thank you.”  Smiles to self…

Some times it is not the thing… it is how we think about the thing.  Doing a 5K.  Going for a bike ride.  Volunteering.  Anything, really.  What other people say may “frame” how we think about it.

It can change how you feel about the effort.  It can shape how you think about what you are doing.

You get this.  I know you do.  Just one more from my beloved spin class…

Coach: Trying to psych out the class…

“This is going to hurt!  This is going to be a tough one!  I might even turn the heat up in the room to make it harder!  I did not start my stopwatch yet!  You will have to spin longer!”

Me: All I hear is “blah,…blah…blah…”

The potential obstacles that can get thrown in your way are just that…POTENTIAL obstacles.  Do not let someone or something get inside your head to make something feel harder than it is.

Do the opposite.  Embrace the challenge.  I am not saying to make light of it.  I am saying do not be overwhelmed by it.

What do I say?

You’ve got this!

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