Critical Window for Obesity Prevention Identified.

by Troy Brown, RN

Most obese adolescents experienced the most pronounced weight gain during early childhood, between 2 and 6 years of age.  Weight gain slowed after that but continued leading to a higher degree of obesity during adolescence a large study found.

“Early childhood is the critical age for the development of sustained obesity. This period encompasses the ‘adiposity rebound,’ the phase in early childhood during which BMI starts to increase again, after having reached a nadir after infancy.  The specific dynamics and patterns of BMI in this early childhood period, rather than the absolute BMI, appear to be important factors in identifying children at risk for obesity later in life,” the researchers write.

The researchers prospectively and retrospectively analyzed the BMI trajectory over time in a population-based cohort of 51,505 children who had at least one clinical visit with a pediatrician during childhood.  Most adolescents with normal weight had been of normal weight throughout childhood. Most obese adolescents had been of normal weight during infancy; however, 53% of obese adolescents had been overweight (22%) or obese (31%) from age 5 years onward, with a BMI SD score that continued to increase as they age.

What Can You Do?

 Email  We are starting meetings for children and family events.  We have done a lot already but this is an important emphasis for our team!

More Motivation

            “Nature has a way of making every season beautiful.” ~ Sandra Blatchford. 

 This summer was amazing.  Warm days.  Light Southwest winds.  Long bike rides.  Road races.  Time with friends and family.  I did not want it to end.  As September rolled around the light changed and got softer.  The marsh grass was speckled with fall flowers.  My anniversary came by and I remembered being married on the beach just 26 short years ago.  We had an amazing “Y-Not” Trail Race.  We had an amazing run from Mike and Jo-Ann’s this Saturday at our monthly meeting.  We ran towards the sunrise and the Falmouth Road Race finish line.  We gathered with MOVES team members and made exciting plans for tomorrow, and for many other tomorrows…

I am falling in love again with autumn.  We went apple picking.  My food interests are changing and I am thinking of home-made bread and starting to think of winter soups.  We are planning our annual celebration for November 1st.  Amazing that a year of MOVES has occurred.  We ordered hats for the Winter Warrior.  Amazing to think how many miles people have logged in January.  Just last January Ice Cod MOVES Members walked/ran/snowshoed and more to over 9,000 miles!

And so I am thinking positively about winter.  When the challenges come in life we are more prepared than we were in the past.  We are tough New Englanders.  We have been through a lot together.  We know that the even on the coldest day, with the strongest wind in winter we are strong enough to get outside for a mile, or two or five.  We are better for what we push through.  We are better for knowing each other.

 Let the diversity of life inspire you.  Find your strength.  Find the beauty in others.

Keep going!

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