Spirit over TragedyMotivation 1:

When you woke up this morning did you realize that today held an opportunity for you?  Right now, the Cape has slowed down a step.  The days are still long.  The nights are cool and perfect.  I hear it.  I hope you do too,… It is calling for you.

This is your time,” said Opportunity.  “There is so much that you can do.”

Like what?” said Sceptic.

Get involved.  Walk. Bike. Hike. Run. Swim.  Volunteer. Kayak.  Promote a nonprofit.  Help others.”  Said Opportunity.

I have a reason why I can’t do any of those things,” said the Person is too busy.

I asked Opportunity, “Can I talk to the person who is too busy and the skeptic?”  “Sure,” said Opportunity.

Give me an objection and I can overcome it.  Tell me what you can do, not what you cannot do.  If you do not like what MOVES is offering today, come up with an idea and that could be a MOVES offering tomorrow.

Before you go to bed do something for yourself.  For your wellness.  Do something nice for someone else.  Go for a walk.  Do five sit-ups.  Call a friend.  Make a $1.00 donation to a cause.  Send a motivational email to someone.

This is your time.  Right now.

Let’s Go!


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