Motivational SeussIn the most difficult times, I have held on to love.  I have worked hard to love my haters.  I try to visualize love in the world.  It starts my day and is a positive way to think about the world.

We ask ourselves “is that a nice person?” or “why did a bad thing happen?”  When viewed from a loving perspective it changes the answer.  I am not being Pollyanna about these things.  I understand that unconscionable acts occur. I understand that the world may not seem fair.   I work hard to see how love may heal these situations or this person.

For me, love is the most powerful emotion.  It is the ultimate positive mindset.  When I can smile at a person, see the good in them and feel love for them then I feel like it can help me understand what I might not otherwise understand.  I feel that the positive feelings that I can generate bring love into the world.

Love has everything to do with motivation.  It can make a difficult workout easier.  I can go from saying “I hate hill workouts” to “I love hill workouts” and over time I come to love them.  They are the same hill workouts.  My mindset has shifted and so has how I think of the workout.

Love is behind Cape Cod MOVES.  I love the Cape and Islands.  It is a caring act every time I spend a minute moving things forward.  I believe that you are a caring, loving person too.  By reading this I know that is true.

Let’s keep moving forward.  Let’s keep love in our hearts, a smile on our face and continue to care for this amazing place that we call home.

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