From the Couch to the Starting Line!

Falmouth Road Race

At the New Balance Falmouth Road Race…
…anything is possible. This is your time!
A collaboration between you, the New Balance Falmouth Road Race and Cape Cod MOVES

You have thought about it and maybe even said it out loud…“I would love to run the Falmouth Road Race!” Then the mental objections come in… “I don’t run.”  “I am not in shape.”  “I can’t do it.”  “I need someone to help me.” The doubts. The questions. Then the thought of running on that gorgeous Cape Cod day to the cheers of thousands of spectators and a finish line of success at 7.0 miles moves itself to the side. That is sad. Well, this story will not have a sad ending. This is your story. It is time for you to write your own script!

The New Balance Falmouth Road Race is teaming up with Cape Cod MOVES, to provide FREE coaching and support to help get you to that starting line! It is free, yes, free! The coaches are all long-term veterans of many, many marathons and beyond. They are warm and caring, not yelling and intimidating. They will work with a prescribed training plan with you. You will have the availability of several weekly work out sessions where a coach will be present. They can work on all the aspects of what it takes to get started. Once started, the motivational aspect of these coaches will keep you going! They cannot get you to the finish line, that is your job. They can, however, prepare you to get to the starting line trained, with a positive mental attitude and a game plan to experience success at 7.0 miles.

Details: you will need to have your primary care provide documentation that you are fit to train to that distance; you will need to pay the cost of the race entrance; you will get a complimentary one-year membership from Cape Cod MOVES!

The New Balance Falmouth Road Race will provide you with a bib number. Cape Cod MOVES will ask you to give back. The request is that you make a donation that will be shared evenly between Cape Cod MOVES and your choice of any of the charities actively registered with the New Balance Falmouth Road Race Numbers for Nonprofits program. It is often the case that to make progress we need to be mindful of and caring for others.

The suggested donation will be $200 to charities. This will be a tax-deductible contribution. A financial hardship spot can be used as one of the donations. A paragraph about need can be provided for review. Decisions about all selections will be approved by the Cape Cod MOVES Board of Directors. Applications will be accepted until midnight on January 31, 2018. Those chosen will be randomly selected on February 1, 2018. Consenting athletes will have a story about their training and success published on the Cape Cod MOVES website. Athletes chosen will get a free Cape Cod MOVES t-shirt as well! There are only five coaching spots available! Interested parties should contact Carl Gustafson at

Your Coaches:


Mikey is an outdoors enthusiast. He loves doing anything he can to appreciate the beauty of our planet. If he can get some exercise in the process, it’s an added bonus. In his time off you may find him doing things such as climbing a mountain, scuba diving, or snowshoeing. While out kayaking one day he decided he needed to start running so that he could complete a marathon. A year later he completed his first of many marathons.



Mike enjoys participating in many outdoor activities including running, cycling, swimming, paddleboarding and kayaking. He is a 10-time Ironman triathlon finisher and has competed in many marathons including Boston and Chicago. Mike cherishes time spent with his wife Jo-Ann on the beaches of Falmouth and the Cape Cod National Seashore. He is a volunteer with the Falmouth Service Center, the Falmouth Shellfishing Department and is a WE CAN champion.



Carl enjoys living life on life’s terms. He is most proud of being the father of Jordan and Abigail and sharing each day with his partner Sandra. Carl was the first person on Cape Cod to finish a marathon in all 50 states and enjoys being active. He is proud of helping people get to their first starting line and he has been a part of several events that helped people heal after the Boston Marathon bombing.


Mary started running distance when she was 40! She has completed 31 marathons, many of which were Boston as a runner and co-coach for the Juvenile Diabetes Team. In addition, she has coached youth during her career as an elementary teacher. For Mary, running is therapeutic, social and fun! With that said, she believes that it’s all about putting one foot in front of the other…. No pace too slow!

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