Goal so bigWhat are your plans for the remainder of 2018? What are you considering that might be “relatively easy” for you to accomplish? What are you planning that might be a “reasonable challenge”? What are you planning that would be a “really tough push for you for this year”?

When you are thinking of 2018 make sure you are considering your physical, emotional, spiritual, economic and other functional considerations in this moment. This is how you are doing. My concept is “YPB ~ Yearly Personal Best.” I no longer reference my “personal best” in things like a 5K, etc. Those days are behind me and I have found that thinking about them is not helpful. I want to have the best 2018 I can have.

Are you thinking of trying new sports this year? Are you thinking of new challenges in the sports you love? Do you want to get better at what you do? Are you considering doing things with others? Are you looking for personal challenges that no one else may hear about?

I was with a person this weekend who went off to train alone. I asked, “Why train alone?” They said, “Because it relaxes me.” I appreciated their self-awareness. I thought about this individual athlete training alone. Knowing what this person was doing was so inspiring to me. We need to be strong alone. We also can be strong when sharing our strengths. This email is about sharing goals and strengths….

I appreciate knowing what other people are doing. People often come up to me almost in a whisper and say “I am thinking about this race,…this bike ride,…this hike,…this run.” Their confiding in me is a step towards having the event occur because they are now “accountable” in some way to me for their goal. Their secret is safe with me. The interesting thing is those “whispers” also motivates me.

Here is my 2018. I offer it because I am “whispering to you.” So far this year I enjoyed the Winter Warrior and a marathon run in Napa. I have Umstead this weekend. It is a 100-mile race in a state park in North Carolina. I have 30 hours. The last time I was there I ran 50 miles. I was very happy. I am happy with every mile. If I only wanted the opportunity to run one mile I would not sign up for this race. This a “push myself” event. It will be raining and snowing and cold. All the more of a challenge!

I will do a 50-mile race this year. It might be Pineland Farms, Stone Cat or the JFK 50. These are time limited. I need every minute to get them done. I have had success doing this and I have timed out other times. Finishing is my cutting edge.

I will either do Three Days at the Fair or Pineland Farms this spring depending on how I recover from Umstead. Three Days at the Fair is a one-mile loop. I sign up for three days of unlimited loops but now you can do many more days! I have been able to run 101 miles each of the past two years. I really enjoy this format. I hope to bring this type of race to the Cape Fairgrounds maybe starting by offering a 12 hour or 24 event. I think of this as fun, relaxing and solitary time. I work hard. I do not have to crush for a time-limited race and that makes it more fun for me.

I will do the Maryland Ironman again. I completed my first full last year. I hope to succeed again. It took absolutely every aspect of my mind, soul, and body to finish under the time limit. I did not know I had that in me. I have a picture of myself that is almost frightening of me coming into the finish line. There was very little of me left on the course, if anything. This is my max push event.

I will sprinkle in many other things. A Mount Monadnock and Mount Washington ascent, a sprint tri pacing my sister, a distance swim for the Buzzards Bay Coalition and at least one other marathon. I will do at least one other long bike ride. These are fun things that have their own level of push but they are in my comfort zone and so if I push it is for different reasons.

I have already succeeded at all of these events.

Why? Because I felt comfortable enough to tell you about them. I have signed up for many of them. I am in. I hope to inspire you to find your cutting edges.   I hope you find activities that are fun. I hope you find ways to inspire others.

A run. A bike. A swim. These are simple activities. In somI'm not there yete ways, they have become profound for me. I hope that you make the most of your 2018. What are you planning? Tell me. Let me tell other people. You should tell other people too!

Get motivated. Motivate others. This is a simple recipe AND great things come from it.

Enjoy your annual personal best in 2018!

Let’s go!



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