Welcome to Cape Cod MOVES!

Cape Cod MOVES team members take on the frozen “Fat Ass” run on Sandy Neck.
Elite members of the Winter Warrior Challenge were inducted into the Hall of Fame.
Winter Warrior hats were made to keep the Warriors warm on some frigid January days

Over 11,000 miles for Ice Cold Cape Cod Moves! Yes! Every step always matters!

Winter Challenge LogoOver 100 individuals from 19 to over 80 joined together to form: Ice Cold Cape Cod MOVES. This group registers with Race Cancer and does the Winter Challenge. This is the 5th year of folks under team Captain Carl “Ice Cube” Gustafson coming together for this challenge. Proceeds are donated to fight cancer and those organizations are selected when individuals register. This year the Cape Cod MOVES team logged in over 11,000 miles!

This year a team hat was made and sold to team members.

We had many activities over the month including joining in a frozen “fat ass” run on Sandy Neck Beach where some team members ran a 50K (31 miles!). We had a full moon run, a trail run, and many other walks and runs.

There was a month end “International Celebration” at YMCA Camp Burgess. Elite members of this group were inducted into the Hall of Fame. Team member Julianna Coughlin had the highest total with 372.1 miles. Deb and Jay Mulkeen walked in EVERY town on Cape Cod over the month! Families formed teams. For some, this was their first attempt at a “streak” of 31 days of activity.  If you are successful all month you complete the Winter Challenge! If you do your miles (1, 3 or 5) for (bronze, silver, and gold) outside then you are Winter Warrior! Miss a day and….

We create fun winter running names and motivate each other. This is the truest form of team building, wellness and giving back.

Let’s Go! Ice Cube Carl